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Frequently asked questions

How does the subscription work?
Once you subscribe, you will be billed immediately for the first period (week, month, year). At the end of the period, you will be billed for the next period. You can unsubscribe any time you want to terminate the agreement and not be billed again.

Can I try it before I subscribe?
There are many tracks available for free each day. We recommend you try the free tracks and figure out what methods work best for you and then subscribe.

What if I only want one or two of the tracks, do I have to pay for a full subscription?
Yes. The price for the E-Ponies subscription, which gives you access to dozens of tracks, is very competitive with other similar services for just one or two tracks.

I received an email from PayPal saying my subscription had been cancelled why?
There are many reasons why PayPal may cancel the subscription. The most common one is that the credit card or funding source you had on file with them expired.

If I cancel before the end of my billing cycle, will I be able to get the picks until the end of the billing period?

Can I turn off the automated emails and just get the picks from the RSS feed page each day?
Yes. Many people prefer this method.

I did not get my picks by email today. What is the problem?
There are many reasons why an email may not make it through to you. Check with your ISP and make sure they are not blocking the domain. You can use the RSS feed page and not even need the emails each day. See RSS Feed Page

I have some other question. Can I contact you?
Of course! The best method is email. You can use